Key Components

The WellAWARE™ solution has three primary elements that work together to provide unobtrusive, yet informative, monitoring of seniors:

1. Wireless Sensor Array - captures and gathers data on daily activities and sends to Data Manager
2. Data Manager - stores and transmits data to data analysis servers
3. Capture Analysis & Reporting Engine (CARE) – captures potential problems and alerts caregiver

Key Component 1



Wireless Sensor Array – Depending on the care setting, up to six different types of unobtrusive sensors (motion, impact, bed, door, motion/temperature and motion/humidity) are strategically placed in the living space of a WellAWARE resident to detect behaviors with regards to daily activity, sleeping patterns, showering, and possible emergency events such as falls and leaving their stove on and unattended. The wireless sensors communicate the ongoing activity to the Data Manager. The diagram below shows the typical placement of sensors in a senior residence.

Wireless Floorplan



The Data Manager - Monitors and captures data communicated wirelessly from the sensors and transmits data through the Internet to the WellAWARE™ database. It’s able to send e-mail, page or SMS text alerts in the event of a possible emergent situation. For example:

  • Impact and motion sensors detect data indicating a possible debilitating fall
  • Motion/Temperature sensor detects data above threshold while stove is unattended

The Capture Analysis & Reporting Engine (CARE)- CARE conducts trend analysis based on the data from the sensors and provides specific reports about the monitored individuals on the WellAWARE Trend Management site. The site can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet, making it easy for caregivers to monitor and analyze the information from any location, at any time.

Key Component 4